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David Bossie: Trump impeachment trial — Dems need to wrap up this sham and get to work before it’s too late

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It’s February 2021. The election of 2020 has come and gone. President Donald Trump is not the president of the United States and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is not presiding over the U.S. . 

So, why are the Democrats holding an illegitimate impeachment show trial after implored all of us to unite just 23 days ago?

As closed their weak opening arguments on Thursday, COVID-19 has killed over 473,000 people – including over 73,000 on  Biden’s watch – and millions of Americans are still struggling to make ends meet. 

But here we are watching the sworn-in as a court of impeachment wasting precious time conducting an unconstitutional sham trial of former President Trump. 

This is an abuse of power, plain and simple, and the American people are paying close attention.  They’re wondering:  when will the Democrats do something for them?

The dangerous precedent that’s being set by Democrats will live in infamy for many reasons. 

First and foremost, we already know the outcome. Late last month, 45 Senators voted in favor of the position that the impeachment of a former president is unconstitutional. 

Senator Bill Cassidy’s vote Tuesday joining Senators who believe the trial is constitutional was disappointing but it doesn’t change anything. 

Trump will be acquitted because the Constitution states that conviction requires a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate. 

So, this undertaking is a horrible waste of time at a moment when our country has no time to waste. 

In fact, it’s such an obvious strategic error that you have to wonder who’s pushing Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., into this folly.

By forcing a vote on the constitutionality of this impeachment farce in January, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. provided the Democrats with an easy exit strategy.  At that point, President Joe Biden — the leader of the Democratic Party — could have called Leader Schumer and asked him to use Senator Paul’s vote as an excuse to dismiss the trial.  Biden could have demonstrated that he’s interested in uniting and healing the country, but it didn’t happen — because he’s not. Instead, Biden showed no leadership or genuine interest in stopping this charade. 

By failing to act, the president has made it clear that the Democrats’ priority is not putting vaccines in arms or providing relief for the American people but instead continuing their divisive four-year political war against Donald Trump. 

There are also some inconvenient facts on President Trump’s side that the Democrats are ignoring because they have no case and everyone knows it. 

In his remarks on January 6th, President Trump said, “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” 

The key words here of course are “peacefully” and “patriotically” and make “your voices” heard. 

It doesn’t take Perry Mason or Columbo to know that the Democrats are on a fool’s errand that’s going to backfire horribly in 2022 when voters look back at what the Democrats accomplished once they had power.    

The Constitution clearly states that “Judgement in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor…”  In the context of the current scenario, the first part of this provision isn’t possible, making the second part void. 

The Constitution also states that “The President…shall be removed from office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and Misdemeanors.” 

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Simply stated, President Trump cannot be removed from office because he’s no longer the officeholder.  But this hasn’t stopped Trump-hating-Democrats from plowing forward with their shameful political stunt.

Imagine how the mainstream media would react if a Republican majority in the Senate tried to impeach a former Democratic president. 

Suffice to say, it would never happen. 

The biased media would make it too painful of an endeavor for the Republicans to carry out. But in the case of Trump, Biden’s allies in the media turn a blind eye and let the Democrats make their bad idea a reality. 

What’s obvious is that we’re all going to regret this post-presidential impeachment experiment for a very long time. 

The American people are going to hold Biden, Harris, Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and the power-drunk Democrats responsible for this sideshow because “We the People” understand what impeachment was designed for — to remove a sitting president from office upon conviction, period. 

Impeachments should never be used to carry out a political vendetta against a former political adversary.

But here we are, watching the world’s greatest deliberative body conduct an impeachment trial of a former president, without the Chief Justice presiding.  Instead, Schumer has fellow partisan Democrat Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont presiding over the trial. 

This is what impartiality looks like to the Trump deranged  Democrats. 

Joe Biden promised the American people unity, compromise, and bipartisanship — the opposite of what he and the Democrats are providing to date.  

Saying one thing and doing another — The Biden Doctrine — has gotten old quickly.  It’s time for the Democrats to wrap up their sham trial and get to work before it’s too late. 

The American people are desperate for results.  They want more COVID-19 vaccinations, economic relief, their kids back in school and policies that allow businesses to open, hire, and flourish. 

The clock is ticking.   


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